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Bionic Ear With Booster Bionic Ear With Booster
Magnify faint or distant sounds with the powerful Bionic Ear & Booster® pinpointed sound amplifier/listening device.
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Detect Ear Parabolic Microphone System Detect Ear Parabolic Microphone System
Hear conversation with pinpoint accuracy at 300 yards with the DetectEar. This powerful surveillance and investigative tool incorporates a 20-inch diameter snap-together parabolic dish combined with the most advanced audio circuitry available.
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ProExtreme-Acoustic Leakage Probe-Contact Mic ProExtreme-Acoustic Leakage Probe-Contact Mic
The small acoustic "super sensor" pick-up is simply placed against any surface and all sound vibrations will be amplified up to 100 times and fed into specially manufactured perfectly matched active noise cancellation stereo headphones. The result is truly incredible.
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Universal Cell Phone Recorder Universal Cell Phone Recorder
Great for quick and simple "on-the-go" recordings of your important cell phone, pay phone, hotel phone, or home phone conversations. Set includes everything needed for immediate use.
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Studio Quality Voice/Tel Recorder Studio Quality Voice/Tel Recorder
Diasonic Technology sets the Standard for Digital Audio Recording Again with Linear PCM Voice/Telephone Recorder - The first and only Recorder With "Better than CD Quality" Voice and Telephone Recording!
$139.00   Add to cart
Sound ProII Professional Series Shotgun Microphone Sound ProII Professional Series Shotgun Microphone
Sound Pro II-our most powerful unidirectional microphone system. 10" microphone actually is two microphones in one. One high power microphone element faces forward to capture sounds that are "aimed" at.
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